Be*hind" (?), prep. [AS. behindan; pref. be- + hindan. See Hind, a.] 1. On the side opposite the front or nearest part; on the back side of; at the back of; on the other side of; as, behind a door; behind a hill.

A tall Brabanter, behind whom I stood.
Bp. Hall.

2. Left after the departure of, whether this be by removing to a distance or by death.

A small part of what he left behind him.

3. Left a distance by, in progress of improvement Hence: Inferior to in dignity, rank, knowledge, or excellence, or in any achievement.

I was not a whit behind the very chiefest apostles.
2 Cor. xi. 5.

Be*hind", adv. 1. At the back part; in the rear. "I shall not lag behind." Milton.

2. Toward the back part or rear; backward; as, to look behind.

3. Not yet brought forward, produced, or exhibited to view; out of sight; remaining.

We can not be sure that there is no evidence behind.

4. Backward in time or order of succession; past.

Forgetting those things which are behind.
Phil. ii. 13.

5. After the departure of another; as, to stay behind.

Leave not a rack behind.

Be*hind", n. The backside; the rump. [Low]