Boon, a. [F. bon. See Boon, n.] 1. Good; prosperous; as, boon voyage. [Obs.]

2. Kind; bountiful; benign.

Which . . . Nature boon
Poured forth profuse on hill, and dale, and plain.

3. Gay; merry; jovial; convivial.

A boon companion, loving his bottle.

Boon (b?n), n. [OE. bone, boin, a petition, fr. Icel. bōn; akin to Sw. & Dan. bän, AS. bēn, and perh. to E. ban; but influenced by F. bon good, fr. L. bonus. √86. See 2d Ban, Bounty.] 1. A prayer or petition. [Obs.]

For which to God he made so many an idle boon.

2. That which is asked or granted as a benefit or favor; a gift; a benefaction; a grant; a present.

Every good gift and every perfect boon is from above.
James i. 17 (Rev. Ver. ).

Boon, n. [Scot. boon, bune, been, Gael. & Ir. bunach coarse tow, fr. bun root, stubble.] The woody portion flax, which is separated from the fiber as refuse matter by retting, braking, and scutching.