Flip"pant (?), a. [Prov. E. flip to move nimbly; cf. W. llipa soft, limber, pliant, or Icel. fleipa to babble, prattle. Cf. Flip, Fillip, Flap, Flipper.] 1. Of smooth, fluent, and rapid speech; speaking with ease and rapidity; having a voluble tongue; talkative.

It becometh good men, in such cases, to be flippant and free in their speech.

2. Speaking fluently and confidently, without knowledge or consideration; empty; trifling; inconsiderate; pert; petulant. "Flippant epilogues." Thomson.

To put flippant scorn to the blush.
I. Taylor.

A sort of flippant, vain discourse.

Flip"pant, n. A flippant person. [R.] Tennyson.