Hake (hāk), v. i. To loiter; to sneak. [Prov. Eng.]

Hake (hāk), n. [See Hatch a half door.] A drying shed, as for unburned tile.

Hake, n. [Also haak.] [Akin to Norweg. hakefisk, lit., hook fish, Prov. E. hake hook, G. hecht pike. See Hook.] (Zoöl.) One of several species of marine gadoid fishes, of the genera Phycis, Merlucius, and allies. The common European hake is M. vulgaris; the American silver hake or whiting is M. bilinearis. Two American species (Phycis chuss and P. tenius) are important food fishes, and are also valued for their oil and sounds. Called also squirrel hake, and codling.