Lilt (lĭlt), v. i. [Cf. Norw. lilla, lirla, to sing in a high tone.] 1. To do anything with animation and quickness, as to skip, fly, or hop. [Prov. Eng.] Wordsworth.

2. To sing cheerfully. [Scot.]

Lilt, v. t. To utter with spirit, animation, or gayety; to sing with spirit and liveliness.

A classic lecture, rich in sentiment,
With scraps of thundrous epic lilted out
By violet-hooded doctors.

Lilt, n. 1. Animated, brisk motion; spirited rhythm; sprightliness.

The movement, the lilt, and the subtle charm of the verse.
F. Harrison.

2. A lively song or dance; a cheerful tune.

The housewife went about her work, or spun at her wheel, with a lilt upon her lips.
J. C. Shairp.