Tank (?), n. A pond, pool, or small lake, natural or artificial.

We stood in the afterglow on the bank of the tank and saw the ducks come homa.
F. Remington.

The tanks are full and the grass is high.

Tank (?), n. A small Indian dry measure, averaging 240 grains in weight; also, a Bombay weight of 72 grains, for pearls. Simmonds.

Tank, n. [Pg. tanque, L. stangum a pool; or perhaps of East Indian origin. Cf. Stank, n.] A large basin or cistern; an artificial receptacle for liquids.

Tank engine, a locomotive which carries the water and fuel it requires, thus dispensing with a tender. -- Tank iron, plate iron thinner than boiler plate, and thicker than sheet iron or stovepipe iron. -- Tank worm (Zoöl.), a small nematoid worm found in the water tanks of India, supposed by some to be the young of the Guinea worm.