Af*fair" (ăf*fâr"), n. [OE. afere, affere, OF. afaire, F. affaire, fr. a faire to do; L.. ad + facere to do. See Fact, and cf. Ado.] 1. That which is done or is to be done; matter; concern; as, a difficult affair to manage; business of any kind, commercial, professional, or public; -- often in the plural. "At the head of affairs." Junius. "A talent for affairs." Prescott.

2. Any proceeding or action which it is wished to refer to or characterize vaguely; as, an affair of honor, i. e., a duel; an affair of love, i. e., an intrigue.

3. (Mil.) An action or engagement not of sufficient magnitude to be called a battle.

4. Action; endeavor. [Obs.]

And with his best affair
Obeyed the pleasure of the Sun.

5. A material object (vaguely designated).

A certain affair of fine red cloth much worn and faded.