Jet"ty (?), a. Made of jet, or like jet in color.

The people . . . are of a jetty.
Sir T. Browne.

Jet"ty, n.; pl. Jetties (#). [F. jetée a pier, a jetty, a causeway. See Jet a shooting forth, and cf. Jutty.]

1. (Arch.) A part of a building that jets or projects beyond the rest, and overhangs the wall below.

2. A wharf or pier extending from the shore.

3. (Hydraul. Engin.) A structure of wood or stone extended into the sea to influence the current or tide, or to protect a harbor; a mole; as, the Eads system of jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Jetty head (Naut.), a projecting part at the end of a wharf; the front of a wharf whose side forms one of the cheeks of a dock.

Jet"ty, v. i. To jut out; to project. [Obs.] Florio.