Lig"a*ture (lĭg"ȧ*t?r; 135), n. [L. ligatura, fr. ligare, ligatum, to bind: cf. F. ligature. Cf. Ally, League, Legatura, Liable, Ligament.] 1. The act of binding.

2. Anything that binds; a band or bandage.

3. (Surg.) (a) A thread or string for tying the blood vessels, particularly the arteries, to prevent hemorrhage. (b) A thread or wire used to remove tumors, etc.

4. The state of being bound or stiffened; stiffness; as, the ligature of a joint.

5. Impotence caused by magic or charms. [Obs.]

6. (Mus.) A curve or line connecting notes; a slur.

7. (Print.) A double character, or a type consisting of two or more letters or characters united, as æ, , .

Lig"a*ture (lĭg"ȧ*t?r), v. t. (Surg.) To ligate; to tie.